There are several Italian language schools in Bologna. Most are within the city wall thus make walking around for everyday activities easy and comfortable to live in if you’re visiting. Many of the schools will provide assistance in finding accommodation but will not have accommodation themselves. If they do provide accommodation, they’ll have a partnership with a nearby apartment.

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What to look for

  • How many students per class? Smaller is often better but will cost more.
  • Where is the school located? You’ll want to stay within the city wall.
  • How many hours a week? Read the hours carefully as many will say 20 hours but with 10 hours of homework. To me that translates to getting 10 hours, not 20.
  • Are tours or activities included? If you’re new to Bologna, you may want to take a tour or two of the city. Bonus if those are included as part of the class.


Arca is one of the oldest running Italian language schools in Bologna. They provide short-term and long-term courses.


Madrelingua offers online, in-person, intensive, and personalized courses. A well established school and member of ASILS.


Established in 2000, ACLE is located near a beautiful park Giardini Margherita. The website is far easier to navigate than many of the competitors. I happen to live near ACLE and often see students.

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