There’s an overwhelming amount of companies that will deliver food to your doorstep. You’ll notice them riding around the city with bicycles sporting the companies logo on their jacket and bike.

Note that tipping is not required but many of these services do have the option to add a tip.



Deliveroo is one of my favorite delivery services in Bologna because you can order from restaurants that you would typically order from while you’re out. You can follow along on the app where they are and if you have an Android phone, you can pay via Google Pay for a faster checkout experience. They made ordering easy and quick.

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You can have Glovo deliver anything. This includes gifts, food, pharmacy, market items, or used as a courier. It has a large selection of restaurants and you can follow along on the app where they are. I like to wait outside because some companies have trouble finding my building.

Delivery fees range from €1,90 to €5,50. Free deliveries are offered if you pay €5,99 per month which may be useful if at a minimum you get three or more deliveries a month.

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I’ve ordered from Justeat more often than all the other companies combined. It’s the most popular and has the largest selection of restaurants than any other food delivery service in Bologna. Many of the restaurants offered from Justit is fast food with the majority of them being pizza. If you’re looking for fast food pizza, this is the place to order from. Many of the restaurants offer free delivery if you have a minimum order.

I’ve never had success using my USA credit card on the site. Paying via PayPal has always worked though.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is new to Bologna and unfortunately my first time using them was not a pleasant experience. The options are limited and considering how many other delivery companies there are that do it better, it’s hard for me to recommend them.

Easy Coop

Easy Coop is a major supermarket chain in Italy. They provide grocery delivery in the area. Delivery is inexpensive but you’re rarely too far from the nearest supermarket.

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