How To Find The Best Gelato In Bologna

How To Find The Best Gelato In Bologna

A day is not a day in Bologna without gelato. Whether you are living in Bologna or traveling in Bologna, it’s important to understand the world of Italian gelato. In this post, we share our local tips on how to find the best gelato in Bologna. But, it’s one thing to just look for the closest gelato shop or focus on a search for a gelateria in Bologna Centro.

Top 6 Brunch Spots in Bologna

Brunch is a decidedly North American and English tradition. You wake up late on a Sunday, you want to eat breakfast, but it’s getting close to noon. So why not combine both meals and create the masterpiece known as brunch? Italians are not big breakfast eaters in general. But as the world gets smaller and …

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What to Eat in Bologna

Truthfully, it’s hard to find a bad meal in Bologna. Widely known as the foodie capital of Italy (which is certainly saying something), Bologna is a place that takes it’s food culture seriously. In Italy it’s always best to eat regionally. Look for local specialties on the menu, and you are guaranteed satisfaction. Here are …

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