Guide to Renting a Car In Bologna Italy

Guide To Renting a Car In Bologna

Your guide on how to rent a car in Bologna, with tips on renting a car in Bologna, from the airport, train station, and city center

How To Find The Best Gelato In Bologna

How To Find The Best Gelato In Bologna

A day is not a day in Bologna without gelato. Whether you are living in Bologna or traveling in Bologna, it’s important to understand the world of Italian gelato. In this post, we share our local tips on how to find the best gelato in Bologna. But, it’s one thing to just look for the closest gelato shop or focus on a search for a gelateria in Bologna Centro.

Top 6 Brunch Spots in Bologna

Brunch is a decidedly North American and English tradition. You wake up late on a Sunday, you want to eat breakfast, but it’s getting close to noon. So why not combine both meals and create the masterpiece known as brunch? Italians are not big breakfast eaters in general. But as the world gets smaller and …

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British Cat

How to Bring Your Pet to Italy

For non-EU citizens, bringing your pet with you to Italy is a bit of an undertaking. The most stressful part of actually flying to Italy to move here was having to bring our kitties with us on the plane. There is so much to take into consideration when taking an animal halfway across the world. I’m going to take you through how we successfully brought two adult cats with us from California to Italy.

Schools in Bologna to Learn English

We’ve compiled a list of schools in Bologna to learn English. This is a good starting point if you’re looking to apply for a teaching position in Bologna. Many offer other languages and for specific subjects.

Best Day Trips From Bologna By Train

The Best Bologna Day Trips By Train

Although there are loads of great things to do in Bologna, there are also a lot of destinations that are easily accessible as day trips from Bologna by train. The Bologna central rail station is one of the largest in Northern Italy. Its location in the center of the north makes it a perfect jumping-off point to visit a variety of Italian cities and towns as Bologna day trips.

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